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You have no idea what a blessing JILCS has been for our boys. The Christian atmosphere has definitely made a difference in their education, versus public school.

Rev. & Mrs. Ronnie Grizzle – Parents

Christmas Program 2015

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Our Statement of Purpose

In a time of much confusion, it is very important to have a clear vision and purpose. Vision and purpose are contagious. Like the lighthouse of yester-year, vision and purpose offer hope in the midst of the present spiritual and educational crisis of today. As we complete our 32nd year, Jesus is Lord Christian School has done what very few have: maintain the same vision and purpose originally given to us by the Lord for what seems like a lifetime ago. The vision and purpose was and still is today to educate children with the greatest materials available, with Christian ideologies in a Christian environment. This school never was and never will be a private school to discriminate against racial, social, and other Christian backgrounds.